BMW E46 3d model – part 0

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I have finally started developing a 3d model of the BMW E46. There are a few very good 3d models out there if you’re willing to spend some money. Believe me it takes a lot of work to create these!

This one from is quite amazing, although from this angle the hood looks awkward:

Another one from In this case the headlights and interior need some more detail, but still a very good model:

There are also tons of free models available with varying degree of awesomeness:

Even though I will probably never reach the level of the top models, I decided to give it a try for the fun of it. My goals are to create a 3d model with:

  • a “convincing” external appearance
  • a moderately detailed interior
  • representation of major structural and mechanical components to enable the creation of animations for maintenance operations
  • as far as possible, movement and articulation on the suspension components

My 3d tool of choice is Blender, even for 3d mechanical projects like the voind robot.

With a couple of these vehicles on hand I am starting this project. In the next posts I will update the status of the model.

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