BMW E46 3d model – part 3 – perfecting curves using a VR headset

The most important step in creating a realistic 3d model of an existing object is to capture the main lines that define that object in space.

After drawing the main lines in two dimensions over the reference images they must now be “bent” on 3d space to form a convincing representation of the model. It helps to have the real object at hand to check how these lines should look from specific angles, diving into more detail where needed.

To have a clearer view of how the 3d model looks like I have been using 360/3D renderings visualized using a VR headset. This allows a clearer perception of where the lines stand in space and their relationship to each other.

Please note that the best way to watch this video is using a VR headset and with full 4K resolution. If you watch it on a desktop all you will see is two images (left and right eye) one on top of the other. You can also watch it directly on an Android device but you will be loosing the 3D part of the experience.


BMW E46 3d model – part 0

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I have finally started developing a 3d model of the BMW E46. There are a few very good 3d models out there if you’re willing to spend some money. Believe me it takes a lot of work to create these!

This one from is quite amazing, although from this angle the hood looks awkward:

Another one from In this case the headlights and interior need some more detail, but still a very good model:

There are also tons of free models available with varying degree of awesomeness:

Even though I will probably never reach the level of the top models, I decided to give it a try for the fun of it. My goals are to create a 3d model with:

  • a “convincing” external appearance
  • a moderately detailed interior
  • representation of major structural and mechanical components to enable the creation of animations for maintenance operations
  • as far as possible, movement and articulation on the suspension components

My 3d tool of choice is Blender, even for 3d mechanical projects like the voind robot.

With a couple of these vehicles on hand I am starting this project. In the next posts I will update the status of the model.

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